My name is Francois.


I am a french photographer and designer. I came to photography through photo edition. Starting to edit pictures from other to make them look nicer or sometimes really different.

I decided to use a camera as a hobby in 1998, and never gave up since.

I love taking pictures of people, this is where I feel the best, or at least the more confident.

I do photoshoot beautiful women and men. I also love to do street shooting of people. I like to try to capture some moments. It requires a lot of speed and attention, but most of the time the result is worth the difficulty.

My editing skills have always been a plus. As I know how painful it is to get rid of the small irritating details during post editing, I try to do my best while shooting.

I love to share a shooting with the models, it is fun and very casual. The goal is to show them, through my work, their real beauty



Enjoy the site.